Unique Writers University (UWU) Opens for Enrollment

Unique Writers announced today that Unique Writers University (UWU) is now open for enrollment to all Unique Writers agents.

“UWU is our comprehensive distance eLearning program and eLibrary,” indicated Mike Passaglia, President of Unique Writers. “Everything a new agent needs to learn to be successful, and all of the materials and resources that veteran agents require to grow their business, will be housed in UWU. Over the next several weeks and months, really it’s an ongoing effort that will never end… agents will see numerous additions to the courses and library of information. UWU is the starting point for all agents to learn the Unique Writers system, scripts and various methods that will help them become outstanding successes as a UW agents.”

UWU includes:

  • Mortgage Protection Campus with Video Professors and Audio Tutors
  • Final Expense Campus (opening soon)
  • Campus Calendar (all UW events & happenings)
  • Carrier Training and Product Knowledge
  • Training Resource Archive (past sales training calls/webinars/events)
  • Library of Documents & Forms
  • Plus many additional resources.. and many more to come

“Perhaps the most amazing part of UWU is that we are extending a full scholarship to each and every UW agent,” smiled Passaglia. “While the resources and materials have been created at a tremendous cost to Unique Writers, agents will not not have to pay one dime of tuition to attend this school of higher learning. Enrollment is now open… and school is in session!”

Unique Writers is an independent marketing organization (IMO) in the life insurance industry. UW provides coordinated marketing and back-office administrative support to life insurance agents that includes carrier contracting, lead generation, customer relationship management, case management, and integrated systems to support the business of growing insurance agents and agencies. Unique Writers serves the needs of agents coast to coast, and represents a strategic group of the highest rated insurance carriers. Products include Final Expense Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Annuities and Universal Life.  Unique Writers is headquartered in Nevada with principal offices in Yuba City, CA. Phone: 530-674-0100. Website:


Daniel Newton