Agent Spotlight – September 2017

Meet Josh - The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for September 2017...
Meet Josh - The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for September 2017
Before Legacy Life, Josh started in a sales position for a large auto dealer. He was fresh out of college and working late nights and weekends. He claimed the #1 spot in 2006, making him a 3 year Toyota PRO, one of the youngest to ever achieve that in the Southeast. In spite of this achievement, He said he still felt like a “slave to the business” because of the grueling schedule.

The sales experience he gained in the auto industry set him up well for his transition into real estate. Josh saw success rather quickly as a real estate investor and was doing very well … up until the industry took a nosedive in 2008.

Josh decided to start his own roofing company since he grew up in this industry working for his father’s business. His dad had started a roofing business after being laid off by U.S. Steel when Josh was a kid.

Josh donated the roof install to Homes For Our Troops who built a new handicapped-accessible home for Sgt. Scott Noss, who had been severely injured in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, as one of the first jobs with his new roofing company. He was referred to install the roof on the Veterans Affair Hospital from that good deed. That lead to installing roofs on some of the largest schools ever built in Alabama, like the new Huffman High School, to having his crews install roofs for Lowe’s Home Improvements.

Business was good, but Josh still wasn’t happy with all the hours he was working and the time it took him away from his family. Josh was introduced to the life insurance business through a friend. He liked the sound of earning incredible pay while having a flexible schedule at the same time. His friend gave him a referral and Josh began working for an insurance marketing organization (while also working for the roofing company).

Again, Josh saw success but wasn’t getting paid the commission he really wanted. Then, after some searching on the internet, he found Matt Brown (Vice President of Legacy Life) and the two of them began striking up some crucial conversations.

“Matt and I built a relationship. He was really helpful and I really liked working with him. If I had known of this opportunity at a young age, I would have switched.”

Josh did make the switch to the Legacy Life family just a few months ago and he said he’s been enjoying every bit of it. He went on to express the sides of the business he likes.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 11 years now. I’ve generated my own income and gained different experiences along the way. But, I like the system Legacy Life has in place. You just have to plug into it and you’ll do great. Right now I’m working at this part-time, with great leads and making great money. I worked 15 hours last week and made $4,500. You can’t beat that!”

Josh said the support he receives from his coach and the rest of the staff at the home office has been awesome.

“Matt has been a great coach and mentor. I touch base with him on a regular basis … if I don’t get a sale he has some great tips for me to plug in – and they work. He even helped me transition to Final Expense so I could have the freedom to be available for my son and his football practices and games. I even get to be the head coach of my son’s team!”

In all seriousness and with a bit of humor, Josh said he never thought he would have ended up selling insurance.

“It didn’t seem glamorous. But, when I start talking with my clients I get to hear how big their hearts are. They don’t want to be a burden to their family. And when you get them approved, it feels really good that you’re getting paid on something that’s really helping these families!”

Josh has only been with Legacy Life for a few months now, but he’s already doing extraordinary things. Look out for him as he continues helping families find the coverage they need.

Josh mentioned one particular story from the field that stuck out to him. It was a $5 Mortgage Protection lead making him $2,000. The client was going through a divorce and had 3 teenagers (with 1 in college). She didn’t want them to lose everything if something happened to her. He wrote her a policy and in the same appointment, the client mentioned that her mom needed coverage too. He was able to help this family protect those they love. And, he made $2,200 off an inexpensive lead.

“The main thing … you have to plug into the system. You’re going to have to prospect and make the phone calls. That part isn’t fun, but the more you dial, the more appointments you’ll set!

You will have ‘no shows’ … but you just have to smile and go on. Don’t let it get you down. The REWARD is going to overcome the small setbacks.

You don’t have to know everything about insurance and you don’t have to be a guru with this system. Listen to your mentor and do what they say. They’ve been down that road and they know what they’re talking about.

Follow the process and all the steps … from the phone to the presentation … and you’ll do great! It’s worked perfectly for me and been a blessing.”

FUN FACT … Josh created the first camo hot tub and swimming pool that would blend better in the environment. It now has patents on it in the United States, Canada and all of Europe. Their commercial went viral on Facebook and had over 3 million views in 3 days and was shared over 200,000 times throughout 39 different countries. Even Duck Commander partnered with them from the hit show Duck Dynasty. He has also been married for 8 years and has a son who is 5 years old.


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