Agent Spotlight – November 2017

Meet Gleason - The One Life America Spotlight Agent for November 2017...
Meet Gleason - The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for November 2017
Before Legacy Life, Gleason received his insurance license 7 years ago. He landed his first job as an agent working for an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO).

They offered him a good commission but lacked the training he was hoping for as a brand new agent.

“I was floundering around, paying for leads and the gas to drive to my appointments, just trying to stay afloat,” Gleason said.

Without proper training, he was struggling to help his clients and close enough sales to make a decent living. He was desperate to improve, so he turned to the internet for any training he could get his hands on.

“I even went on YouTube trying to train myself and learn as much as I could.”

During a search on YouTube, Gleason found another IMO that seemed more promising. He made the switch. They offered the same great commission as well as some basic training. Still not the caliber of training Gleason desired; but he pointed out that some were better than none … and definitely made a difference.

He stayed with this particular company for about 5 years, selling Final Expense insurance (burial and funeral). He became a manger and enjoyed what he was doing. However, over time he discovered the premiums his customers had to pay were much higher than he was comfortable with.

He wondered if he could find a company that would be good for both the agent and the client.

Gleason began looking for such an IMO and in his search, he was finding that they all seemed to be missing the complete package. Years went by, but his search for an IMO that would be a good fit never stopped.

The Legacy Life Difference

Then, one day Gleason met an agent (Brandon Lewis) who would later tell him about an IMO that was exactly what he had been looking for. Brandon showed him Legacy Life’s website.

“I looked at the online training campuses and said ‘this is where I need to be.’ Everything is laid out. And I’ve never looked back!”

“There are a lot of companies out there offering you the same high commissions and leads, but they don’t train you so you can be successful” Gleason stated as he was recounting his experience working for other insurance companies.

When asked to go into a little more detail about what exactly has made a real difference for him, Gleason said:

“The more I found out about Legacy Life … the more I listened to their training and connected with their team … the more I liked it! Plus, they have great leads and even MORE options than I had before! You have more options to help more people!

There’s no need to have to go out there and stumble around anymore. They have the direction and the system that so many of these other companies lack.”

Gleason expressed his appreciation for the Legacy Life team.

“I’m 10X the agent I was. I’ve grown tremendously. I can’t brag enough about Myles (Production Consultant with Legacy Life) and how supportive he’s been for me. I even used to avoid making phone calls, but from the encouragement I’ve received, I feel more confident. It feels so good when you can give people more coverage for less.”

Gleason has been consistently writing business with Legacy Life for several months now. Keep an eye out for him as he continues to help the wonderful families of North Carolina protect their legacy and the ones they love!

Story from the field

Gleason recalled an appointment he had with a woman who had 6 different policies. In the past, she had difficulty finding a carrier and a policy that could fit her specific needs.

Gleason wasn’t detoured. He knew if he could meet with her, he could help her. The appointment was set and he took the time to listen to her needs.

He discovered that she had 6 different policies and was paying a lot in premiums every month.

Gleason was able to consolidate her policies into 1, find her more coverage, and save her more than $100 per month. She will also get cashback from canceling the other policies.

“I want to help people. And now that I have access to more carriers and better products with Legacy Life, I can really do that. And, it’s nice that I get to make a good paycheck myself.”

Gleason’s encouragement, he says, is simple and it comes down to these things …

Study: “Go on the website. Get on it every day and study it every night.”

Talk to your coach: “That’s it. It’s not complicated. They’re there for you. You just have to talk to them.”

“Don’t try to know everything before you go out there. You can’t get experience without experience. Everybody’s going to get nervous. I still get nervous. That’s okay. Just start.”

Gleason enjoys what he does and the spare time it offers him. When he’s not working, he said you’ll find him doing what he loves… “I’m either on my bass boat or my pontoon boat catfishing.”


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