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1. Final Expense 101

Learn about the One Life America system, how to become the best of the best, what it means to be a fully qualified Final Expense Specialist, your mission statement, about selling value and more.

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Fully Qualified Agent

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Become the Best


2. Your Target Market & Leads

Who is your target market and how do you get to them? The ins and outs of leads, and reaching beyond them to get to the other 98% of your target market.


3. Prospecting & Setting Appointments

Prospecting is the life blood of your business. Learn how to become an appointment setting pro in no time at all with our proven leads, scripts and system. Take prospecting to the next level with advanced methods to reach more clients and set those appointments.

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Prospecting Game Plan

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Mindset on the Phone

“I am so excited about the opportunity that One Life America has provided me. After investing less than $500 in an unbelievable direct mail system, from my 1st mailing I received 39 fresh, new A leads with the client’s information in their personal handwriting. Just from these initial leads received, I have written over $4500 in life business, 1 single pay (SPWL) for $12,500, and a $135,000 annuity to boot.

After coming from a company where the leads were anywhere from 1-3 years old, and pounding the phones for up to 20 hours a week, this has been an unbelievable experience working with these types of tools. Receiving a lead that is less than 30 days old with the client’s information in their own handwriting makes a HUGE difference in the number of people that you are able to get in front of and actually help. One Life America has provided me with a great structure along with a full range of extremely competitive products to keep pace with today’s fast growing market.”

Brandon B – MI 

Brandon uses direct mail lead form FE46 which generates an average 3% return nationwide at a cost of $480/1000 leads dropped. That’s a net cost of only $16.00 per lead (national average.)  Brandon actually received over a 4.5% return on the drop he refers to above, so his lead cost was less than $11.00 per lead for that drop. Talk about value!

Brandon’s FE Script & Complete Lead Example

“In this industry it starts off with positioning. As agents we must put ourselves in the best position to not only to just earn a great income, but also first get in front of quality prospects. That’s the platform that UW provides.

With UW’s leads being the quality they are, we are able to give more presentations in a day to play the numbers game and that’s really all we can ask from a lead source and marketing partner. What I do best is help clients and UW’s leads allow me to position myself to have a great career.”

John M – NV 

John uses direct mail lead form FE08 which generates an average 1.5% return nationwide at a cost of $480/1000 leads dropped. That’s a net cost of just $32.00 per lead (national average.)

John’s FE Script & Complete Lead Example

“Why do I buy a telemarketed lead?

I love telemarketed leads because you can receive them in one or two weeks after placing your order, and people are expecting to receive information about life insurance. You even know who the beneficiaries would be.

Sometimes when you call to tell them that you are going to deliver the info, they have forgotten about the call, but you have some information that will help them remember, things like: Hobby, Beneficiaries and the Telemarketer’s name.

I use them as a complement to other lead types, not as my primary lead source.”

Jose T – FL 

Jose uses a telemarketed lead at a cost of $23.00 per lead.

Jose’s FE Script & Complete Lead Example


4. The Appointment & Presentation

You’ve set the appointment, now what? Master the script that eliminates objections and practically makes the sale for you. Learn how to protect most everyone you meet with and leave the home with an application in hand.

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Avoiding Objections

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Overcoming Objections


5. Placing Your Business

A crucial step in the process. You must place your business to get paid. The tips, tricks and resources to get your business issued quickly, and money in your bank account.


6. Core Carriers & Product Knowledge

This is where you’ll find Final Expense core product training & information, underwriting guidelines, brain sharks, webinars, videos, and links to the specific carrier website resources.

American Amicable


Mutual of Omaha



7. Additional Resources (Library)

An archive of training calls & webinars, documents, forms, and other useful items.

Training Resource Library


Senior Center System

The Senior Center System teaches Final Expense Specialists a method of prospecting to Senior Living Communities, Assisted Living Centers, Community Senior Centers and other like places where groups of seniors may be readily found.

One Life America is founded on the core principles of honesty, integrity and real family values.

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