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Target Market:• Supplemental Retirement Income
• Family protection
• Annuity maximization
• Legacy building
Issue Ages:15 days – 85 years (age nearest)
Maturity Age:120
Minimum Face Amount:$25,000
Death Benefit Options:Level/Increasing
No Lapse Guarantee:• Issue ages 15 days to 54 years: 15 years or attained age 65
• Issue ages 55+: 10 years
• Guarantees up to age 120 with the Premium Guarantee Rider
Target Premium:Two year rolling target available at policy issue when 80% of commissionable target premium is paid in the first policy year. The rolling target will not be applied to commissions for specified increases at later durations.
Guar. Interest Rate:Minimum guaranteed Fixed Account rate is 3%
Underwriting Classes:• Super Preferred NT – ages 18-80
• Preferred NT – ages 18-80
• Standard NT – ages 15 days -80 years
• Preferred TB – ages 18-80
• Standard TB – ages 18-80
Waiver of Surrender Charge Option:N/A
Riders Available:• Accelerated Benefit Endorsement
• Accidental Death Benefit Rider
• Children’s Term Insurance Rider
• Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider
• Premium Guarantee Rider
• Waiver of Monthly Deductions Rider
• Waiver of Surrender Charge Endorsement
Loans/Partial Surrenders:• Variable interest rate loans beginning in the 6th policy year
• Standard loans beginning in policy year one
• Partial surrenders available in the first policy year
Surrender Charge Period:15 years 0-80
10 years 81+
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