Wealth Accumulation Transfer


Wealth Accumulation Transfer

This category covers those insurance products that not only provide life insurance coverage, but also provide outstanding savings accumulation, growth and disbursement capabilities.


What is universal life? (UL)

Universal Life (UL) policies are perhaps the most flexible types of life insurance policies available today. UL is a type of permanent life insurance based on a cash value. That is, the policy is established with the insurance carrier where premium payments above the cost of insurance are credited to the cash value of the policy. The cash value is credited each month with interest, and the policy is debited each month by a cost of insurance (COI) charge, as well as any other policy charges and fees which are drawn from the cash value if no premium payment is made that month. The interest credited to the account is determined by the insurer and carries minimum guarantees.


what is indexed universal life? (IUL)

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is similar to universal life insurance, however it does have several features not found in traditional UL policies. IUL comes in many different flavors, from a basic fixed-rate policy to variable products that allow the policy holder to select various equity accounts in which they can invest. An indexed universal life insurance policy gives the policy holder the opportunity to allocate cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity indexed account. Indexed policies offer a variety of popular indices to choose from, such as the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100.

indexed universal life

Indexed policies allow policy holders to decide the percentage of their funds that they wish to allocate to fixed and indexed portions. Also, these types of UL policies typically guarantee the principal amount in the indexed portion, but cap the maximum return that a policy holder can receive in said account.

A properly executed UL or IUL can provide not only exceptional life insurance coverage, but also a savings mechanism that is unlike any other financial vehicle in the marketplace. With Unique Writers support and training, you will learn how to set up and execute these policies which are advantageous for the client and pay excellent commissions as well.

The primary purpose of Single Premium Life Insurance is to pass wealth onto the next generation. After all, life insurance is one of the very few ways to do that income tax free! Funds that clients don’t plan to use during their lifetime can be leveraged into a significantly larger death benefit, which is guaranteed to pass on to children, grandchildren, or other loved ones quickly, efficiently, and in most cases outside of probate.


In most states, they’ll be able to access the death benefit (not just the cash value) for expenses related to nursing home, home health care, assisted living,and terminal illness.If they wish to access the money for other reasons, they can do that too! What isn’t used during their lifetime will pass onto their beneficiaries – quickly, easily, and income tax free!

Fortunately our single premium life insurance products have a simplified issue process so most will qualify. With our dedicated representatives, support personnel and training, you will quickly learn to add this tool to your portfolio and utilize it on a regular basis… adding many more dollars to your bottom line.


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